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Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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103.5 Hours


Courses Offered

  1. Complete Java Masterclass - Become an Android App Developer!
  2. Java Interview Questions: Data Structures and Algorithms
  3. The Ultimate JavaScript Certification: ES6 for Aspiring Web Developers
  4. Learn to Graph Data with Python and Matplotlib
  5. The Complete Web Developer Course: Build 20 Websites
  6. The Ultimate Amazon Honeycode Guide: Build 7 Apps
  7. Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners
  8. Python Language Fundamentals: Learn Python from Scratch
  9. Introduction to React and Redux. Code Web Apps in JavaScript
  10. Complete Beginners Data Analysis with Pandas and Python

Whether you want to be the next Zuckerberg, earn 78k a year, or just interested in learning the very basics of coding and programming, your journey starts here. This bundle gives you 10 hands-on courses on the leading programming languages: Java, Python, and Matplotlib. You'll be introduced to the fundamentals of coding so you can move forward with its applications. You will learn how to build your own websites and apps from scratch. These courses are packed with helpful materials and are created for complete beginners. These courses focus more on data structures, algorithms, data analysis, and building websites in general. Start learning here and eventually move forward to web & app development.

  • Access 689 lectures & 103.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn to master Java app development step-by-step
  • Refresh your Java knowledge & solve new problems with the most common beginner interview questions asked by FANG companies
  • Build your first ES6 projects
  • Visualize data through programming with PyPlot, a MATLAB-like interface
  • Build 20 websites
  • Transform your spreadsheets into custom apps to automate tracking data, automation, & much more
  • Build machine learning models using spreadsheet data
  • Use Redux, a predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • Fix bugs & handle errors
  • Analyze data with Python’s must-know pandas library
  • Manipulate datasets & perform data operations
Mammoth Interactive
4.2/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Mammoth Interactive produces XBOX 360, iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML 5, ad-games, and more. It's owned by top-rated instructor John Bura. Mammoth Interactive recently sold a game to Nickelodeon!

John Bura | Best Selling Instructor, Web/App/Game Developer
John has been contracted by many different companies to provide game design, audio, programming, level design, and project management. To this day John has 40 commercial games that he has contributed to. Several of the games he has produced have risen to number 1 in Apple's app store. In his spare time, John likes to play ultimate Frisbee, cycle, and work out.

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103.5 Hours